Friday, September 7, 2012

Winner: 55 Word Challenge Week Twenty-Five

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week Twenty-Five
It was a tough  decision this week. Thank you all for making this a wonderful birthday!
 @Klingorengi Of course I always love what Jeff writes, but this one made me chuckle. Maybe because we are a bit too familiar with people just doing their job.
@lejamez  This is Laura’s first entry and I was immediately taken with the story. Well done.
@nickjohns999 Zombies are people too! Enough said.
@LupusAnthropos  I love how this reminded me of Jaws, but the monster is quite different.
"Why won't you close the beach? Does somebody else have to die first?"
"You really think there's a shark?"
"All I said is that something out there is killing swimmers. That's worse than having the beach closed."
"Bah! Ain't nothin' but sand crabs around here. ... Hey... Jim?"
"Yeah? What?"
"What happened to the lighthouse?"
Lupus, DM me your email address so I can send you the $5.00 gift card. But that’s not all! This is my birthday contest so there is more! You also get a #55WordChallenge bumper sticker. I will need a mailing address to send that. It will take a few weeks to get to you… not sure how long. As soon as the bumper stickers reach me, I will notify you when I mail them out. 
@lejamez  @nickjohns999 and @Klingorengi also get bumper stickers, so if Laura and Nick can DM me where to send those, that will be awesome! I already know where to send Jeff’s.  ;-p
@caramichaels, @ClareStubbs2 and @LupusAnthropos won copies of The Second Wave: A Post- Apocalyptic Tale. DM me your email addy’s so that I can send you the Smashwords coupon. You can download it in whatever form you need.
@WakefieldMahon and @nickjohns999 get a copy of Monsters! Same deal. I will send you both a coupon for Smashwords.
And now, since I want everyone to have something, you all will get a copy of Halloween Frights. I’ll be sending that to everyone in about a week. If you want it send me your email addy. J
Thank you to everyone for entering! You all rock! See you next week.




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