Wednesday, October 31, 2012

55 Word Challenge: Week Thirty-Three

55 Word Challenge
Week Thirty-Three
#55WordChallenge this week is being judged by my husband, @Klingorengi. He has chosen some photo prompts perfect for today. Happy Halloween!

For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, all the past contests can be found here.
The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts and can be written in any genre you choose. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.

The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner. If you don't want to list your email address, send it to me at I promise I won't distribute it, but if you are the winner I need a way to notify you and to send you your prize.

And what does the winner get? This purty badge for one. For two, a gift card for $5.00 from Amazon. The prize will be rewarded within about week or so, (sometimes I run a bit behind) and sent to your email. Also, I will be offering a monthly prize to the story I liked the best between the winners. This months winner of the #55WordChallenge Bumpersticker will be announced Friday, along with the Winner and Honorable Mentions.

This is the last day for Coffin Hop and I have some additional prizes for you. I am offering this Jezri's Nightmares Coffin Hop 2012 magnet to all #55WordChallenge participants. (to be mailed out at the end of the coffin hop.) To receive the magnet, I will need a mailing address. You can send that to me at Put Coffin Hop in the subject line.


I am offering a copy of Undead Ahead: Zombies to one participant. To qualify, you need to work in at least 2  prompts. Not an easy task. Jeff calls this the Overachiever Award.

Ok, so on to the prompts!

Photo Prompts:


Jeffrey Hollar is a strange mixture of Klingon and Ferengi. His dual sides are often at odds... it is sometimes joked that his Klingon half would love to rip your spine out while the Ferengi in him would sell it to the highest bidder. Visiting Earth in the guise of a human, Jeff works in the security field during the day and writes novelty human stories by night. While here he married a human woman, whose delusions have led her to believe she is a Trill. Truth in fact is the voices in her head have driven her to insanity and she writes down whatever they dictate. Those dictates led to the two co-authoring a book, Undead Ahead: Zombies, the first in a series of shorts. The purchase of this book will help fund their plan to one day conquer Earth and set their son up as the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.


  1. @michelawalters
    55 words

    Clutching the bag to his chest, John nervously glanced around the empty subway. He was keenly alert, knowing they would eventually find him. Slowing to a stop, the car’s doors opened out to a darkened platform. John stood, peering around the corner. He’d only taken one step when a hand clenched firmly around his throat.

  2. My 55 unqualifying words:


    Clutching the bag containing the few things he’d taken, John closed his eyes, trying to forget. The demonic faces of his own children screamed at him from his dreams, chasing him as he tried to escape. They were evil, even if no one believed him. If they dug up the graveyard, then they would know.

    Word Count: 55


    Legs clamped into a platform, he clutched his patent leather briefcase protectively. Still as death, he betrayed no external sign of his inner neuroses.

    That family drove him mad. Especially their freakish children. Why’d he always get the crazies?

    He couldn’t wait to get back to his plot, shut the lid and sleep it off.

    55 words

  4. Godzilla and Mothra took a break from destroying Tokyo's buildings to sit down for some lunch. Each pulled a subway car from its tunnel and began munching on the contents.

    "You know," said Mothra, "canned food may not be the greatest, but I do like it."

    "True," replied Godzilla, "and you can't beat the convenience."

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      If, for some reason, the other copies show up later, please delete them, leaving just this one.

    2. I'm not sure why, but blogger put them in the Spam folder. I'm glad the third time stuck.

  5. He appears from the stone in the graveyard bearing his name, born from cold rock. Yet his flesh is warm. She’s felt him hovering over her body, giving her ghostly fits of ecstatic pleasure.

    “Did you bring the knife?” His voice is barely a whisper.

    “Forever,” she answers, and plunges the blade into her heart.

    55 words

  6. Who Is The Monster Now?

    They watched in shocked horror as the Monsters killed their family. Mother had told Constance to use her powers of invisibility to protect the two of them when the first Creature began to break through the door. From the shadows, the two unusual children watched as the Humans murdered their parents, laughing demonically.

    53 words {not including title}

  7. The things his mother always warned him about, talking to strangers, eating unwrapped candy, and taking children without doing his research. He was always so careful but the two young ones looked so delectable huddled up in the corner of the subway car, trying desperately to remain unseen. But it didn’t work. They found him.

    55 words. @vatrask

  8. The train’s cold, hard, easy-to-clean stainless steel fittings were a godsend. My stop approached and I clutched my bulging bag on clenched knees. The bag jerked, I held it close; beating hearts were such a pain, but I needed at least one for the wife…who waited patiently beneath the swirling fog of headstone seventy three.

    55 Words

  9. At 2:00 AM, Edward sat in the subway car, holding a very large bag in his lap. A security guard came through the car, making his rounds, “What’s in the bag?”. Edward couldn’t lie to the guard, “Achmed the Dead Terrorist. He called my house. Asked me to save him from Walter.”

    55 Words
    (Hey! It's all that came to mind!)

  10. Clutching the crucifix, I carefully approached my possessed brother and sister. “May the holy cross be my light.”

    Jane’s sweet face contorted, and she roared.

    “May the dragon never be my guide!” I screamed, pressing forward, desperate to release the demon’s hold.

    Jane shrieked as I pushed the cross against her forehead. “Be gone, demon!”

    55 Words

  11. Who Are You?

    You ask who I am, stranger?

    I am the serial killer disguised as an ordinary commuter on your train.

    I am the demon hiding as an innocent child.

    I am the mist that rolls over the graveyard.

    I am the boogeyman and the monster under your bed.

    I am your every nightmare.

    I am Evil.

    55 words {not including title}

  12. The subway was deserted as he clutched his bag; trying to forget. The memory of a graveyard covered in a creeping fog, the sound of disembodied shoveling feet, and worst yet; the head that rolled off into darkness, continued.

    When he answered the advert, he’d done it out of curiosity.

    Zombies weren’t real, were they?


    55 Words.

    1. Well - that's embarrassing. It's should be "shuffling" feet - not shoveling. :s Can't believe I didn't see that last night.

  13. Challenges In Parenting

    Lucius rode the empty train home, grateful for the solitude. He’d slept poorly the night before, having been visited by the children.

    He’d been less disturbed by their grotesque forms than by their continuously returning to the house. Why couldn’t they simply stay buried? He had, after all, sent their mother to keep them company.

    55 entirely ineligible words @klingorengi

  14. “I’m telling you, man, don’t click on it.”

    “Why the hell not? It’s just an picture of some creepy kids.”

    “Because, man! Everyone that has is died!”

    “That’s not true.”

    “It’s what happened to my brother last year. I’m telling you, man, don’t click on it!”

    “You’re brother ran away. I’m clicking on it.”


    55 Words

  15. The Mercedes sat in the graveyard as the moon shone down.

    Donall leaned against the car. “Well, Billy. I said I would end you. I warned you not to mess with the boss. You should have listened.” He flicked a piece of rust from the car. He patted the skeleton on the head. “Stupid kid.”

    55 words