Friday, November 16, 2012

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Thirty-Five

Winner 55 Word Challenge
Week Thirty-five

The high and mighty Ferengi has spoken:

Honorable Mentions:

Ruth Long –
@bullishink I do loves me a good werewolf tale. This story fit the picture nicely and was a fun read.

Rebekah Postupak –
@postupak This story had some excellent evocative phrasing and conveyed the character’s emotions very clearly.

SJIHolliday – I liked the descriptive words here that lent the story a lifelike and tactile quality of realism.


Anna – @annaban The swirling poetic flow of this piece was sheer genius. The story particularly appealed to me as much for what it said as for the unsaid blanks it left us to fill in. In micro-fiction, the art of showing enough without room to show it all is tough. You did it wonderfully.
Blue eyes veiled with thin sheets of ice,
Small violet lips wore such winsome smile,
Droplets of white water quivered on her pale, luminous skin

"I’ll take care of you,"
She promised sweetly.

The laid-back town called Silkwaters
Lost another one of their men
Crimes were rare here;
The main cause of death
Was drowning.
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Thank you everyone for your entries!



  1. Thank you!!! :D This is an awesome surprise after being offline for 1.5 days!

  2. Congratulations, ANna! That was a beautiful poem.