Sunday, April 21, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week 53

There were only 5 entries, which made picking HM’s and winner all the more difficult. I am only choosing 2 HM’s because to do 3 would leave only one author out of the running, but I loved all of the stories.

Honorable Mentions:

@keithbwalters It wasn’t the work detail I’d have chosen either. Zombie Prison Warden. *shivers*
@PurpleQueenNL Loved this line:  They hadn’t worked out how to use boats yet, although we’d seen a few try; it was only a matter of time. *Double Shivers*


David nailed it with his entry, Zombie Prison.
I don’t know what the mayor thought I would do about it. You can’t lock zombies up on an island and think it’ll break their spirits. It only makes them hungry. The city balked at the cost of de-animating them properly.
As the doors swung open I considered whether to yell “Prison Break” or “Dinner”!
55 words
Okay, Keith, Miranda and David, DM your email addresses to me and I will be sending you coupons for the books you won. Also, let me know if you live outside the U.S. I will need to send you a Smashwords coupon since seems to have issues honoring the coupon outside the U.S.

Kayla and C.M. Stewart, I am giving you both a copy of No Zombies Allowed, so please DM your information to me as well. Thank you for entering!  I look forward to seeing you for the next challenge.
 Zombie's, Zombie's Everywhere

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