Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Eighty


Honorable Mentions:

@PurpleQueenNL: I love the sense of adventure and the hint at deception.
@klingorengi: Sick and twisted. Love it!
@bookwormattack: Love the thoughts of the Queen.

@NadaNightStar: Great job working all the prompts in. I loved it!


@drmagoo: Like Jeff’s, this was sick and twisted. You took it just a step further. J
“Where did you get such lovely wings, little girl? Are you a fairy?” The unicorn liked fairies, because they never rode on his back and always had such marvelous stories about distant lands.
“I wish. But I ate a fairy, and just look!” She smiled, flapping her gossamer wings. “And I’ve always wanted a horn.”

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