Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-Eight

And here we go...

Honorable Mentions:

@needanidplease: LOL, The crane fell right on top of that stupid car behind me. This gave me a chuckle. ☺

@klingorengi: That’s the thing about the Zombie Apocalypse, having to shoot your friends. Easier to shoot an enemy.

@PurpleQueenNL Awesome! I wonder if this is the beginning of the war between man and machine. #WeAreDoomed


@CascataNerina: Love the summer romance theme. ♥


@AdamIckes: I loved how twisted the character is.

Kyle squatted at the plate, bat in hand. The baseball zoomed in and pegged him between the shoulder blades. Anger bloomed beneath the pain. He glared at the pitcher and thought of charging the mound, but they'd only stop him. "Later," he told himself and grinned at his bat. "You'll taste his blood, old friend." 

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