Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winner 55 Word Challenge: Week Seventy-Nine

Some great stories this week! Thank you everyone that entered.
Honorable Mentions:
@JMnumber6: You were not too late! I extended the deadline because of computer trouble… and I am glad I did. This gave me a chuckle. My kind of vampire!
@SarahAisling: Another fun story. I could picture it in my mind.
@CascataNerina: I’ve been caught up in a book before, but I think this takes think that’s takes things a bit too far…

@moonduster:  Great story and it made me shudder. I hate rats.
Light flashed by from passing headlights, letting me glimpse the rickety outhouse to the right. The creaky door opened, showing me a dusty hallway lined with bookshelves. A rat scurried by.
I ran back out. Haunted or not, no way I was staying overnight in a house with no plumbing and a rat infestation.
54 words
Thank you for participating. See you all in a few hours. :)

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