Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#55WordChallenge: Week Thirteen

For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, past contests can be found here. The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon the following Tuesday. Winners will be posted Wednesday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well. 

 I am no longer requiring that the story be posted in the comment section below, although you can if you choose. Instead, post the story in your blog, then post a link in the comment section, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner. Again, if you don't have a blog, feel free to post in the comment section. On Wednesdays I will post the winning stories in the blog post. 

And what does the winner get? How about a badge, right sidebar,) which can proudly be displayed on your blog or website? There are 3, a Winners badge, an Honorable Mention and an Overachiever badge. To be eligible for the Overachiever Badge, you need to use all 3 prompts. And here we go...

Photo Prompts:


  1. Wispy fluffs of white nestled among the fading yellow glory that heralded summer to generation after generation of children. A slender figure walked slowly into the field of dandelions gone to seed, bending over to pluck a perfect downy sphere. Pursing lips blew softly, sending wishes and memories into the sky, scattering with the seeds.


  2. My entry is at:

    55 words

  3. My entry is here:

    55 Words

  4. My piece is at
    I'm one of the team members at @UndeadNether but the team is notoriously terrible about checking our DM's, so it might be best to contact me at if I'm the big winner, or the little winner. Or just leaving a comment on the post would be great too.
    I think you had a great idea to create this separate blog for the prompt.

  5. The Whole Melon

    He picked up the green crawler and hammed. His mischiefs were endearing. His wishes were small. All he wanted was a whole watermelon. I let him go and pick out one. Something stirred among the wildflowers, the spirit of unfulfilled wishes. The farmers cut watermelons into slices. Wishing for wholeness was unreasonable.

    55 words
    Challenge accepted.
    Hope it's not too late.