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55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Eight

55 Word Challenge
Week Twenty-Eight
Welcome back to #55WordChallenge. No guest artist today, (anyone out there want to be featured?) so I am judge, jury and executioner today. Bahaha!

For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, all the past contests can be found here.

The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts and can be written in any genre you choose. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.

The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner. If you don't want to list your email address, send it to me at I promise I won't distribute it, but if you are the winner I need a way to notify you and to send you your prize.

And what does the winner get? This purty badge for one. For two, a gift card for $5.00 from Amazon. (The prize will be rewarded within about week and sent to your email.) Also, I will be offering a monthly prize to the story I liked the best between the winners. That will be announced at the end of the month who gets this.

If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!

Photo Prompts:

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  1. Lonely Days

    He leans his head against the rain spattered window of the train, watching. Far too soon, he sees the building where she’d been waiting for him when the fire swept through and took her. He places his palm against the glass, as if he could still touch her. His wedding band clinks a soft goodbye.

    55 Words {not including title}

  2. Cade placed his hand on the window, looking both out and within. He sent his energies through the train car, into the tracks and across to the train about to leave.


    He sent an energy surge straight to her heart, somewhat like she had done to him, only more lethal.

    *Choo Choo*

    Perfect alibi.

    55 words

  3. The Longest Train Ride
    By Wakefield Mahon

    Morty stared at the window as the train rattled past places steeped in childhood memories.
    He shuffled impatiently then glanced at the withered old conductor. He said, “This ride is depressingly long. When do we get to the station?”
    “The name of this here train is Charon, Mister and I don’t reckon she ever stops.”

    55 words

  4. Loved and Lost

    Rain dashed against the window of the train. Beyond, he could see the shadow of the old asylum. A single light glowed bravely in the attic, begging him to return to the wolves’ den. But he couldn’t stay.

    He pressed a hand to the window, saying goodbye to the fears. To the ghosts.

    To Cyril.
    55 words (not including title)

  5. Hell hath no fury...

    I shouldn’t have left her.
    Rain sloshed against the window, the surface cold against his tear-stained face.
    We could’ve worked it out, maybe – maybe tomorrow.
    Lightning struck across the sky, for a moment he thought it spelled her name.
    I can’t live without her, but –
    The window tore open, his last breath a silent scream.

    55 Words

  6. Coming Of Age

    At 13, Simon was shy and awkward. He often found himself the unwilling recipient of all the animosity and cruelty uniquely the purview of the young.

    Padding down the moonlit cobbles, Simon smiled knowing while puberty brought unwelcome changes to most boys, to him it brought liberation in the guise of his family curse…the wolf.

    55 words @klingorengi

  7. The skies wept for him and the glass was cold as his bones.

    Why didn't they understand?

    No matter how often they medicated him,

    his heart-beat would stutter, his ring-finger would ache

    and he would see rail-cars piled on atop the other,

    just as they'd been that damned dark morning she was taken from him.

    - - - - -
    @bullishink / 55 words

  8. Unlike most people, rain invigorates me. I love the dreary clouds overhead and cool air as they erase the brightness of the sun and cast a pall on everything. It gets my blood pumping and makes me feel more productive. Like today, as I look outside. Yes, I think I’ll finally dispose of this body.

    55 words

  9. She fumbled the key out of the envelope the lawyer had given her and stood in the dark surveying the silhouette of the land, which like the house had been left untouched for years.

    A light from the rooftop room suddenly cut through the night causing her to drop the key. They were still here.

    55 Words


    Arthur was ostensibly being taken care of by his brother-in-law.

    Since the accident, Stanley said Arthur wasn’t good with people anymore. Stanley said that Margie was dead.

    Margie wasn’t dead. She whispered she never really liked her prick brother either.

    If Arthur could eat the raindrop corresponding to Stanley they’d have to let him out.

    55 words

  11. Lynn insisted on taking Sam to the station. She’s still standing there, waving from the shelter of her umbrella as the train pulls away.

    Sam presses his palm to the glass. His wedding ring stares back at him.

    “Finally!” Jamie moves into the seat next to his.

    Sam puts his wedding ring in his pocket.

    55 words

  12. She knew she was in trouble once the kitchen light vanished. She stood up sharply from her recliner, ran to the front door: locked. Upstairs was her only option. To the attic.

    Slamming the attic door shut, she collapsed to the floor, with only her light left glowing.

    To wait.

    To face them again.


    55 words

  13. According to legend, the derelict house on the corner is haunted. Kids dare each other to enter its yard, only to run screaming at a gust of wind or the sight of a stray cat. Sometimes I sneak inside, up the creaking staircase to the attic and light a candle. Just for a laugh.

    54 words.

    1. Brilliant because it could happen.

    2. If there were a 'haunted' house round here, I'd totally make you do it with me. Haha. Wine nights in the old haunted house, just to freak out the neighbours.

    3. awesomeness in fifty-five words. :D

  14. Dismal rain splattered against the window, blurring buildings and streets, it turned the world to grey. And still he stood staring at a blank sky, palm pressed again the glass, trapped in memories, as the cold crept into his bones. The soft click of the door opening forced him to turn, and face his past.

    55 words

  15. Jukka wanted to take it all with him. He couldn’t stay. Didn’t want to stay. Not alone. But he wanted more time. She had been of this place. He had met her far away, but she had carried it with her.

    She would never leave again, he could never return. He just wanted more time.

    55 words


  16. Ill Met By Moonlight

    Now, the final reckoning; I’ve crossed your fence, savaged my poor tame cousin, dodged your bullets, cornered you in your shiny den. Can you match me, tooth for tooth, claw for bloody claw? I hear you Man, breathing sharp, ragged. I see you Man, pale, puny. You cannot hide from me. I smell your fear.

    55 Words

  17. I move through the stone streets, my keen senses searching. I know it’s here. It’s close. The human’s are trying to hunt me, but I can hear them a mile away, never mind their stench. I ignore them as I continue my own hunt. The dead that walk will not get away from me tonight.

    55 Words

  18. Nearing home, her shattered heart finally dared believe and hope’s spark ignited her fragile soul.
    The beacon shone, illuming the valley, spurring her on. She trudged, eyes never wavering from the single flicker of light across the hills.
    Almost home then it vanished, swallowed by indigo black and a crystal dagger splintered her shivering soul.

    55 Words