Wednesday, September 5, 2012

55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Five

55 Word Challenge
Week: Twenty-Five
Today is a special day for 55 Word Challenge. For one, it is my birthday! Yep, that's right, yours truly is getting older.  Scary, I tell ya, just plain scary.
But that's not what makes it special... although it's a close second. No. Today we have an amazing artist with us; Thomas Arensberg. I hope you find his art as inspiring as I do.
For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, all the past contests can be found here.

The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three Four photo prompts and can be written in any genre you choose. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well. 

The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner. If you don't want to list your email address, send it to me at I promise I won't distribute it, but if you are the winner I need a way to notify you and to send you your prize.

And what does the winner get? This purty badge for one. For two, a gift card for $5.00 from Amazon. (The prize will be rewarded within about week and sent to your email.) Also new, I will be offering a monthly prize to the story I liked the best between the winners. That will be announced at the end of the month who gets this.  Also, since it is my birthday, YAY, I will be having some giveaways. Yay! Free stuff. So go check out the photos and get to writing already.

If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!

Photo Prompts:
There are four this week because I couldn't decide which one to drop.

First, I'm a father then a painter , sculptor . martial artist. My dad was my introduction to creativity and a great artist. As a kid i used to go under the kitchen table and into his lap as he was talking with my mom he would draw what ever I asked for. I  must have been three or four, I asked for a sub as he was talking with my mom ,very fast darwing useing cross haching in the negitve space. At first I thought he was fronting me off, I remember tears in my eyes then I saw the sub for me, it was majic! to this day i love to watch hands painting , sculpting anything really. hands are magic.

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  1. “Yes, Derek. You feel so good.” Her boyfriend’s head was crushed to her chest over her red velvet prom dress.
    She screamed, a grey, skeletal hand reaching over her to the back of Derek’s head. She screamed louder at the sight of rotting figures looking hungrily at her. She only had time for a scream.

    55 words
    Totally horror trope, but I couldn't resist. :)

  2. Collections Call of Chtulu

    He huddled in the corner of the cottage,convinced the hallucination would go away. It was then the voice spoke.

    “Sir, please! My master demands payment from you for using his likeness in your art work. Now, please open the door before I am forced to do it. Sir! I’m only doing my job. Sir?”

    55 words @klingorengi

  3. It

    It waited. The earthquake on the sea floor opened a crevice in the rocks where it was imprisoned for eons, and now its tentacles slithered out. The diver, investigating the new type of seaweed, had a quick view of the large golden eyes and monstrous face before he disappeared, silently screaming. The feast began.

    55 words {with title}

  4. Day of reckoning came upon us, tearing across the sky.
    Mythology reared its ugly face, choking life in a tight embrace.
    Death haunted every corner, tentacles every crook; children screaming for parents, parents dead in the brook.
    None safe from terror; or living after death.
    "God save us," I begged, with my dying breath.

    Word count: 55


    1. Oh, and; Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Haaappy biiirthday deaaar Jeeezriiiii-Liiiiiisaaaa. Haaapppy biiirthdaayy tooo youuuu.

      Hope you have a lovely day, and don't forget to blow out a candle and make a wish.

    2. Ditto to what Chessny said!

    3. BTW, this is way awesome.

  5. The Offering

    Using the rocks as leverage, she wormed her way forward towards this newest offering.

    Taking a life was never easy, especially the life of one so young, but then to ignore such a gift would be madness.

    Slowly the tentacles wrapped around the body, caressing and calming the child, before the first bite was taken.

    Words - 55 (without Tile)

  6. Healthy Volunteers

    ‘Are we trying to keep something out or something in?’
    The HR woman smiled darkly. ‘Just remember: when the siren goes off – stay inside.’
    The eerie, ascending wail started right before lunch.
    He stood, transfixed. Watching from his window as they stumbled outside, lurched across the car park; blinking into the sunlight, ready to feed.

    55 Words (without title)

  7. On set of ‘Dead man walking’

    On the set of the new comedy horror ‘Dead man walking’, one of the extras, Georgina, stumbled, ripping open her knee through a wired fence.

    “Paramedic?” the director screamed.

    “Well at least we don’t need any fake blood for this scene” another extra laughed.

    Words - 50 (without title)
    @inspired writer

    1. P.S. Hope you have a grand birthday. Hope it sends you plenty of inspiration.

      Inspired writer (Twitter name).

  8. I am going to give a copy of The Second Wave: A Post Apocalyptic Tale to the next 3 stories that post.

  9. The Great Old Ones

    Only fools believed in godlike terrors from space. In nightmares slumbering beneath the Earth they ruled long before Homo sapiens staked their claim.

    “Meds time, sir.”

    They call me a fool. A lunatic. They drug me for the curse of what I’ve seen.

    Drug me, please.

    Let me forget. Let me die before they awaken.

    55 words (without title)

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  11. "Have mercy!" Came urgent pleas from desperate townsfolk.

    "Mercy? You had plenty of chances to right the wrong."

    The witch had only tried to help but everyone so readily judged her, betrayed her.

    Those conjured servants would get their revenge, that was certain. These people deserved everything coming to them, she no longer had control.

    55 words

  12. [I chose the third picture.]

    "Why won't you close the beach? Does somebody else have to die first?"

    "You really think there's a shark?"

    "All I said is that something out there is killing swimmers. That's worse than having the beach closed."

    "Bah! Ain't nothin' but sand crabs around here. ... Hey... Jim?"

    "Yeah? What?"

    "What happened to the lighthouse?"

  13. The light swept across everything, every few seconds, shining into my eyes. Couldn’t sleep with it doing that every few seconds. Had to fix that. Swam toward it. Found its source. A brick tower near the shore. I tore that hummer down. Then swam back out to sea. Yep. I slept good after that.

    55 Words

    Oh. And happy birthday! Hope it's been a fun one. (:

  14. Running on shaky legs, leaping over strewn debris and dead bodies. There must be a way out of this carnage.

    They’re nearing, creatures that were once humans heading for her.

    If only fear and exhaustion didn’t paralyze her, she’d run again. Instead she collapsed silently on the ground, praying that unconsciousness would eat her first.


    I chose the 4th picture for my prompt. Thanks! :)
    Twiiter --> @annaban


  15. I strangled the guard.
    After that it was bolt cutters for the wire.
    A putrid crowd formed as the last link snicked and sprung. Some of the fresher, stronger ones began to push through and disappear into the twilight mists.
    I stood aside. Job well done.
    Damn the Government. Even Zombies deserve to be free.

    55 Words

    Happy Birthday!

  16. The void waited for him, calling to his mind. He didn’t sleep much. He only dreamed of creatures that kept to the shadows, reaching out to him with clawed hands. Pulling him into the fold.

    All he had to do was say yes. Yes. Come.

    He reached out a hand. The tentacles pulled him in.

    55 words

    Have a great Birthday!

  17. The next 3 stories will get a copy of Monsters!

  18. Past the Expiration Date
    By Wakefield Mahon

    I stood mesmerized as she reached for me. Her sunken eyes, lingered on me. Three dead men backed her up.
    “Everybody else is doing it so why can’t we… bury the hatchet?” I considered the axe in my hand.
    When Delores broke into “Zombie” I laughed and dropped my ax.
    "There’s no need to argue."

    55 words

  19. A Quiet Night In

    Damned neighbours. They can find ways to ruin anything. There was nothing for it. I would have have a word. A strong word.
    I dragged myself out of my comfortable position hearing my many joints click and grind.
    I staggered across and bellowed.
    “Hey Mister, turn that light off! I’m trying to get to sleep!”

    55 Words

  20. #55WordChallenge is closed. Winners announced tonight or tomorrow.