Wednesday, September 19, 2012

55 Word Challenge: Week Twenty-Seven

55 Word Challenge
Week Twenty-Seven
Welcome back to #55WordChallenge. No guest artist today, so I have gone through my photos and found some pictures that I hope will inspire you.
For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, all the past contests can be found here.

The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts and can be written in any genre you choose. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.

The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner. If you don't want to list your email address, send it to me at I promise I won't distribute it, but if you are the winner I need a way to notify you and to send you your prize.

And what does the winner get? This purty badge for one. For two, a gift card for $5.00 from Amazon. (The prize will be rewarded within about week and sent to your email.) Also, I will be offering a monthly prize to the story I liked the best between the winners. That will be announced at the end of the month who gets this.

If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!
Photo Prompts:

Ok, so start writing and have fun!



  1. They’d left the closet open again. I cried about the things inside, but no one believed me.

    Her golden face peered out, deep brown eyes squinched with fear. She looked blurry, like a movie on fast forward.

    “Boy, please,” she urged. “Can you run?”


    “Quickly.” She held out her hand. “The monsters are coming.”

    55 words

  2. Birthday, Deathday

    I can smell the grass, and see my new bike nearby, if I could just reach it, although it wouldn’t matter now. I am light-headed from blood loss. Though they are gone, I imagine I can still feel my feet. A growl at my side and teeth tear my throat. Happy birthday to me.

    54 words {not including title}

  3. Title: The Best for Last

    The grass was the last thing I saw.

    There was no warning when the plague hit. I thought I had beat it, having lived longer than my neighbors and others.

    I stared as my vision dimmed, the vibrant grass mocking me as I died.

    I was wrong. The plague came for us all.

    53 Words

  4. I didn’t want the 15 minutes of fame I got. Took a bike ride with my GoPro camera. I heard kids screaming, “Look out!” Looked at them. Broad-sided their big toy fire truck. My bike flipped, throwing me through the air. I landed on my back in the grass. The GoPro recorded everything.

    55 Words

  5. No! Please no, not back in there, please no!
    I want to come out, I’ll be good.
    I won’t cry, I won’t laugh, I won’t eat, I’ll just sit here okay?
    But not in there okay?
    Not in the dark again okay? Not with the monster?
    It hurt so much last time.

    52 words

  6. Title: Dangerous secrets.

    I never saw him coming, or the gun.
    The shaft connected with my skull; I didn’t stand a chance.
    The grass was wet and unwelcoming, while he ravaged through my house.

    The disk was hidden; he’d never find it.

    With a grunt I pressed the button on my watch.
    Hopefully, they’d get here on time.

    55 words


  7. In the bin by the picnic lake the note had said.

    Easy I had thought. Just go, saunter up and collect the package and deliver it.

    Then Susie would come home and this total nightmare could end.

    Reaching the waters edge, I could see a bin. And all the others placed at twenty metre intervals.

    55 words

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  8. "They walk among us." I refused to believe.

    Today is his first day of pre-school. He put on his clothes without awkwardness.

    He looked at me -- eyes pools of darkness, devoid of emotion. Then his eyes returned to normal – big, baby blue eyes. Mesmerizing, beautiful.

    "They walk among us." I still refuse to believe.


    55 words

  9. Lying in the grass, I sheltered them with my hand. Their tiny kingdom flourished under my protection. Kings and princesses, little princes and their pets, living together in houses made of dirt and grass, all of my design. "It's time to run!" I whispered across their small universe, as Mum turned on the mower.


  10. “Come home?”

    Tck, tck. “Soon. There is another one coming into the house. Frele can switch the fleshling.”

    “This is too dangerous. You’re going to get caught.”

    “Humans are stupid. I’ll be fine.”

    “The Queen will be furious. This isn’t the Way.”

    “The Ways need to change. I’ll be home tonight with a fresh child.”

    55 words

  11. Silence.

    It surrounded me. Engulfed me in the empty darkness.

    The grainy taste of dirt. The metallic bitterness of blood.

    My wooden cage looming, circling, swallowing my battered body.

    Fingernails scratching at the splintering wood, a hollow inhuman below rumbling from my stomach.

    I know.

    I am going to die here.

    I know.

    Buried alive.

    55 words


  12. Vision Quest

    The faded sepia face slips, slurs. Cold wrinkled fingers lose their grip. Colour washes wispy from the world, dims behind the slow curtain call of leaden eyelids. I reach for sad sharp shards of shattering memories, whirling deep into the eddying darkness. But there, gentle as a Mother’s kiss, a blinding white light approaches joyfully.

    55 Words

  13. Sara barely had strength left to crawl.

    But she did.

    She inched forward and soft blades of grass caressed her cheek. It made her want to forget the pain; to roll over and ponder clouds and dream of summer days long gone.

    But she didn’t.

    She’d get to the house. She’d live - and they’d pay.

    55 Words